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Mike Guthrie, Genealogy Coordinator

I was born in Seneca Falls, NY then lived in rural eastern New York for my very early years. My family ultimately moved to the Miami, Florida area before I was 8.

I spent 35 years in the school system there first as a teacher then as a school and district administrator. Most of my time was spent in the area of alternative education working with students in non-traditional school locations like halfway houses and the local detention center. Eventually, through the school system but in partnership with the University of Miami, I helped found a school for students at risk. I received my Bachelors Degree from Florida State University and a Masters Degree from Nova/Southeastern University.

After retiring in late 2013 I worked briefly for a non-profit, Communities In Schools, then for Miami Dade College for almost five years. There I first assisted students with disabilities and then was the advisor for veteran students returning from service.

Since retiring in 2013 we moved permanently to North Carolina where my wife Carolyn and I dote on grandchildren, travel attend music events and work on home improvement projects. I am working to complete the family genealogy my father began but was never able to complete. Actually I am not sure a genealogy project is ever competed.

My father was a member of Clan Guthrie and attended one of the Scotland tours sponsored by the Clan many years ago. He also visited Guthrie Castle right after WWII when spent time as part of the occupation forces. He took our family back there in the mid-60's and is responsible for my interest in Guthrie history.