Clan Guthrie Clan Guthrie - USA Inc.

Clan Guthrie Officers & Board of Directors (BOD)

Executive Officers

Title Name Term
Chairman John Guthrie Election
President Wally Guthrie Election
Vice President Carrie Guthrie-Whitlow Election
Treasurer Carrie Guthrie-Whitlow Election
Secretary Jeanne Guthrie Election

Board of Directors

Title Name Term
Director Jack Moore (CA) 2018
Director Carrie Guthrie-Whitlow (WA) 2019
Director Jason Himsey (VA) 2020
Director Vance "Breeze" Guthrie (FL) 2021
Director Wally Guthrie (FL) 2022
Youth Advisor Robbie Wilson Election

Operational Officers

Committee Lead Assistant
Membership Larry Guthrie Jeanne Guthrie
Communications Jessica Guthrie
Newsletter Jeanne Guthrie
Highland Games (West) Jack Moore
Highland Games (East) Vance "Breeze" Guthrie
Gift Catalog Patti Larason
Travel Gail Rineer Ginger (Guthrie) Wilson
Jessica S. Guthrie
Fundraising Wally Guthrie
History Harry Guthrie
Genealogy Mike Guthrie
Guthrie DNA Project Ann Guthrie Larry Joe and James Guthrie
Information Technology Jason Himsey David Linscott
Protocol & VIP Jack Moore
Friends of Guthrie Castle John Guthrie
Legal Advisor Chris Wilson


Previous Clan Leadership
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