Welcome To Clan Guthrie

Purpose & Mission Statement

To advocate for the ancestry of the Guthrie surname within the Scottish and Scottish-American communities and preserve for future generations the Guthrie heritage through educational endeavours, literary arts, charitable activities, genealogical research, and social fellowship.

When you join Clan Guthrie, you join your cousins to help preserve the family name and heritage.

We support genealogy research related to the Guthrie surname and related families, and we provide a platform for Guthries far and wide to communicate.

– Clan Guthrie

Upcoming Events

Join Us At The Games

We participate in Scottish highland festivals around the country. 

Duart Bay (Isle of Mull, Inner Hebrides, Scotland, UK)
Scotland Tours

Clan Guthrie sponsors special events such as reunion tours to Scotland in 1991, 1996, 2000, 2005, 2010, and 2015. Join us for the next tour! 

Sto Pro Veritate (I Stand For Truth)

Are You a Guthrie?

Tell us! We want to meet you!

This is the official website of Clan Guthrie-USA,
which is a full-service non-profit organization.

Where the Guthries Lived

Check out this link to see a YouTube video that depicts the evolution of Clans and the location of their lands!

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