Brett Guthrie

By Andrew Neil Guthrie

Reston, VA (Nov 9, 2008) Senator Barak Obama's world-shaking election as the first African-American president of the United States was not the ONLY history made in Tuesday's election. It was a historic night for Clan Guthrie as well!

With the election of Kentucky State Senator Brett Guthrie to the U.S. House of Representatives from Kentucky's 2nd Congressional District, our Clan -Family can now claim a "triumvirate" of Federal service. The election of the 44-year-old Bowling Green, Kentucky, businessman, means that a different Guthrie family member has now served, or soon will be serving, in EACH of the three branches of the Federal Government: Executive, Legislative and Judicial. 

The veteran Kentucky State Senator joins James Guthrie, Secretary of the Treasury [1853-1857] during the Franklin Pierce administration, and, later, a Democratic U.S. senator from Kentucky [1865-1868], and current, sitting Federal Magistrate Judge Judith Guthrie in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas.

The Kentucky victory for Senator Guthrie was no "walk in the park" either. The Republican Congressman who had owned the seat for the past 14 years, Ron Lewis, announced his decision not to run just days before the filing deadline. Guthrie had to scramble to get the required paperwork completed to compete against a notable Democratic opponent, long-time fellow State Senator and former State Agriculture Commissioner David Boswell.

The Republican Guthrie beat Boswell by 53-47 percent in a conservative district that covers all or parts of 21 counties, and a small section of Louisville, and has more registered Democrats, 58 %, than Republicans. Despite party loyalty, Senator Guthrie had the active support of several leading Democrats in the area during the campaign. Adding to that political irony, his victory came on a night when a national Democratic tide was carrying the first African-American into the White House and expanding Democratic control of the House and Senate. Despite more than one million dollars poured into the race by the National Democratic party, Guthrie won with supportive visits from both Vice President Dick Cheney and first lady Laura Bush. It should be noted that Congressman-elect Brett Guthrie is not the first important Guthrie involved with the U.S. House of Representatives. From 1980 until 1983, the Sergeant-at-Arms of the House was Benjamin J. Guthrie, who had the important job of running the day-to-day operation of the nation's largest legislative body, including security and protocol functions.

Election night, the Congressman-elect's brother Chris, introduced him to a cheering crowd at a Bowling Green hotel, where he expressed a willingness to work across the aisle in Washington with the expanded Democratic leadership. "What we really have to do . is . sit down as Republicans and Democrats and . work together to solve problems" he said, according to the Associated Press. As an executive in Trace Die Cast which makes aluminum parts for automobiles, he will be able to give his fellow legislators a first-hand account of how the economic crisis affecting the big three automakers, is also causing agony to their thousands of suppliers.

Kentucky's second district is in the north central portion of the State bounded on the North by the Indiana border, and includes the towns of Elizabethtown, Owensboro and Bowling Green. And, oh yes, for those of you worried about the nation's GOLD SUPPLY, as we head into recession, you can sleep easier now, because Congressman-elect Guthrie's district also includes Fort Knox and its billions of dollars worth of gold ingots.

Brett Guthrie is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point with a B.S and a degree from Yale University , and is vice president of the family business, Trace Die Cast Company During his victory speech he thanked his parents Lowell and Carolyn Guthrie, and reminded the audience that Trace Die Cast has provided jobs to numerous people in the area , helping many of them attend college.

The Congressman-elect's father, Lowell, who is president of the company donated a carillon to the University of Western Kentucky in Bowling Green, known as The Guthrie Carillon, in honor of his brother, Sgt. Robert H. Guthrie who died fighting for his country in the Korean War. There is a statue of Sgt. Guthrie on campus.

Brett Guthrie's grandfather, Harvey Guthrie, was born in Perry County, Tennessee, about 90 miles west of Nashville, and was married to Lulla. The Congressman-elect is married to Beth and they have three children, 15-year-old Caroline, 13-year-old Robert "Robby", and 10-year-old Elizabeth.

And so it has come to pass that in early 2009, after a 140-year absence, when the roll is called, the name G U T H R I E will once again echo through the halls of Congress.

This story was written from information provided by The Louisville Courier-Journal, The Lexington Herald-Leader, The Bowling Green Daily News, The Elizabethtown News-Enterprise, and The Associated Press; is copyrighted by those entities, and used by permission. The photo of Brett Guthrie is copyrighted by The Bowling Green Daily News. This completes an astonishing achievement for one of the smaller Scottish Clans in America! 

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