Castles and Tours

Guthries have been connected with several castles in our clan history.

Children of all ages and of all lands have dreamt of living in a castle. Imagine yourself fending off Cromwell's armies from your castle tower, saving a damsel in distress, or taking a leisurely stroll in the labyrinth of your garden -- all in the name of Guthrie. If you plan a trip to Scotland or even England, talk to a clan representative to find our ancestral "homes". The photos of Guthrie castles and points of interest on this website are provided primarily by Jeanne Guthrie, who has organized and led many Clan Guthrie tours of these historical locations. For information on Guthrie travel opportunities, reach out to the Travel Committee.

Guthrie Castle

Guthrie Castle near Forfar in Angus was built in 1468 under a warrant granted by King James III of Scotland to his treasurer, Sir David Guthrie. The village of Guthrie is nearby, with its own Kirk (church). Although Guthrie Castle is no longer owned by Guthries, it is now open to the public by advance reservation.

Gagie House

Gagie House near Dundee was built in 1614 and served as the dower house for the Laird-to-be of Guthrie Castle. Gagie is now a private home.

Torosay Castle

Torosay Castle near Craignure on the Isle of Mull was acquired in 1865 by Arburthnot Charles Guthrie, a wealthy London businessman, and sold in 2012. Touring the castle and grounds was an unforgettable several hours including lovely gardens, terraces with commanding views, and even lunch in the tea room.

Duart Castle

Duart Castle neighbors Torosay with a commanding view of ships approaching the Isle of Mull. Its history extends to the 13th century primarily as the Clan McLean seat. Guthries held the castle included with Torosay lands from 1865 until separating and returning it to Clan McLean in 1911.

Hever Castle

Hever Castle is south of London, about 500 miles from the historic Guthrie seat in Scotland. Its history from the 13th century spans several important familes including Boleyn, Astor, and now Guthrie!

Guthrie Villa

Guthrie Villa is a small apartment building in the little burgh of Burnham, near Dunkeld on the River Tay. Shakespeare's "Burnham Wood" tree is nearby. Ok, so it doesn't quite compare with the castles above, but it is a small sample of the many towns and buildings now bearing our name in the UK and world-wide!