Guthrie Castle Artifacts

have a New Home in the United States!!!

Guthrie Castle Artifacts

by Maryon Guthrie Noble, President FOGC

With great pleasure, The Friends of Guthrie Castle, Inc. (FOGC) is pleased to announce that the new home of the Guthrie Castle paintings and artifacts is "The Guthrie Center" located in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. Following their removal by the Shore Porters Movers and Shippers from Gagie House, which was recently sold, the ten paintings, partial suit of armor, and Georgian armchair were carefully packed and placed in a wooden container for their voyage across the Atlantic. France and Clare Smoor, past owners of Gagie House who have taken care of our artifacts since 1983, were very sad to say goodbye, but they have moved and are now happily situated in their new home in Dundee, Scotland. Following nine weeks at sea and an intensive security inspection by U.S. Customs, our 18th and 19th century family of portraits, armor, and chair finally arrived by a truck on a very snowy day in Great Barrington in great shape with no apparent damage.   

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