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      Jennifer Licko

      Is anyone else here from Eastern NC and know my Guthrie family members there?

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      Ann Guthrie

      There are many Guthrie families in the area of Carteret County, North Carolina that have been there since the 1700s.

      These folks may share common ancestors Daniel Guthrie, born about 1690 Virginia, and his wife Mary Little.

      Despite the numerous male lines and potential for Direct Paternal Line (YDNA) tests to determine their shared Guthrie Family Group origins, there have been little to no participation in the Guthrie DNA Project from that segment of the Guthrie population in North Carolina.

      We do have some genetic hints that have come by way of regular Autosomal DNA testing, but no conclusive evidence.

      There are other Guthrie families in the North Carolina area. Yours may or may not be related to the Carteret County bunch above.

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