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At least 200 adult Guthries immigrated to America and put down roots in various parts of the country between 1650 and the late 1800's.

The vast collective research is determined by each Guthrie family tree and the number of generations each family has been growing in America. The families that arrived in the late 1800s have fewer than five generations, while others who immigrated well before the American Revolution in 1776 may now have ten or more generations.

We encourage "Newly-found cousins" to share and extend further research.

The Clan Guthrie News includes a "Genealogy Update" section, where we share new family tree research, history, and stories.

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Connect with other Guthries

By connecting with other members of the Guthrie clan, you can help find others find the missing pieces of their genealogy search and they can help you. This is a very powerful way to help put the pieces together of your family ancestry. 

More Resources

Members have access to more resources which should be helpful as one begins or continues their ancestral search.

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