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At least 200 adult Guthries immigrated to America and put down roots in various parts of the country between 1650 and the late 1800's.

The vast collective research is determined by each Guthrie family tree and the number of generations each family has been growing in America. The families that arrived in the late 1800s have fewer than five generations, while others who immigrated well before the American Revolution in 1776 may now have ten or more generations.

We encourage "Newly-found cousins" to share and extend further research.

The Clan Guthrie News includes a "Genealogy Update" section, where we share new family tree research, history, and stories.

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Connect with other Guthries

By connecting with other members of the Guthrie clan, you can help find others find the missing pieces of their genealogy search and they can help you. This is a very powerful way to help put the pieces together of your family ancestry. 

More Resources

The following resources should be helpful as one begins or continues their ancestral search

  • Billion Graves facilitates searches for ancestor's burial sites - BillionGraves | Cemetery & Headstone Records
  • Find A Grave is owned by Ancestry but is free. It includes good maps of cemetery locations including by GPS information. As a "member" one can request photos of headstones and participate as a photographer in your locale. Frequently includes transcriptions of headstones, photos and family information.  - Find A Grave - Millions of Cemetery Records
  • Family Tree DNA - (Direct Paternal Line, Direct Maternal Line, Autosomal DNA Testing) - Houses hundreds of Surname, Lineage, and Geographical DNA Projects.  Y-DNA (Direct Paternal Line) Testing recommended for Guthrie men to conclusively identify Guthrie Family Group origins. One DNA test here can be upgraded to include multiple tests or more advanced testing. Accepts transfers of Autosomal DNA Tests from other companies (Ancestry, 23andMe, MyHeritage). Free transfer & access to matches but has a fee to unlock all features.
  • Ancestry DNA - (Autosomal DNA Test) Ancestry’s test provides the largest number of autosomal matches due to the size of their database. No Y-DNA or mtDNA testing. Subscription services allow for family tree creation and associated genealogy research.
  • 23andMe - (Autosomal DNA Test) Offers Health and Ancestry DNA reports. Interesting health reports.
  • My Heritage - (Autosomal DNA Test) Accepts transfers of Autosomal DNA test from other companies. Seems to have a higher percentage of participants from Great Britain. Subscription services allow for family tree creation and genealogy research. 
  • GedMatch - Tools for DNA and Genealogy Research Raw DNA uploads allow for comparison to individuals who have tested at any of the above. Advanced searches require membership fee-
  • Ancestry - is the largest and most comprehensive of the subscription services. Used for research and creating public or private family Trees. Many public libraries offer a research-only version of Ancestry free for members. Free library use allows documents to be downloaded. -
  • Family Search - is a free site for research and creating family trees organized by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons). Note that it is best used for downloading documents as anyone may edit information found on family trees,-  See if there is a convenient Family History Center for assistance using Family Search and retrieving documents not available on-line. Appointments are required.
  • Family Search list of collections - Includes billions of records, all free and includes images, books and some international records. Many original documents found here are elsewhere only in transcription form.
  • MyHeritage -   Subscription Services - Public or Private Tree Creation. Photography Tools - Colorize, Enhance, and Animate Photos.
  • NYS Historic Newspapers- an easy to use site providing free online access to a wide range of New York newspapers.  Mostly high quality searchable PDF, documents may be downloaded. 
  • Fulton History-   very helpful newspaper site particularly when searching for ancestor information and documents in the northeastern United States (although papers from many states are archived). Some date back to the early 19th Century. The site can be slow loading at times but the records are downloaded in searchable PDF form.  Fulton History 
  • is a subscription service focusing on newspapers; owned by Ancestry.
  • Genealogy Bank - a Subscription genealogical document and research site.
  • Newspaper Archive - subscription research site.
  • Library of Congress - comprehensive and extensive with downloadable newspapers from around America -
  • Guthrie, Seymour. A Brief History of a Branch of the Guthrie Family. 1889, Chicago, Illinois.

Searchable copy located in the Ancestry and Family Search catalog section. Some copies of the original and subsequent printing may be located on-line for $45-$100. Reproductions of public domain books may have imperfections such as missing or blurred pages, poor pictures or errant marks that are part of the original book or occurred during the scanning process.

  • Dunn, Harriet H and Dunn, Eveline Guthrie.  Records of the Guthrie Family of Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Virginia, Chicago, 1898. Very rare. [LINK] 

Found digitally on Ancestry and Family Search; rare to find a copy for sale. See above comments regarding public domain books.

  • Guthrie, Laurence R. American Guthrie and Allied Families. 1933, Chambersberg, PA. Same notation as above regarding public domain books. Buy an original copy if you can locate one.

Found digitally on Ancestry and Family Search; rare to find a copy for sale. See above comments regarding public domain books.

  • Guthrie Joseph A. Early Virginia Guthrie's and their Kentucky Descendants.
  • Goldrup, Lawrence P.  Writing the Family Narrative.1987, Ancestry
  • Guthrie Joseph A. Early Virginia Guthrie's and their Kentucky Descendants. Public Domain. [LINK]
  • Leyburn, James G. The Scotch-Irish A Social History. University of North Carolina, 1961.             
  • Webb, James. Born Fighting How the Scots Shaped America. Broadway Books, New York.

* Clan Guthrie USA does not guarantee the reliability or authenticity of the information from any of these sites. Genealogy researchers should confirm the accuracy of information by verifying with confirming documentation. The Family Search website below may be helpful in that regard.

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