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Finding Guthrie Street & e-mail Addresses

If you can't find a certain member's address in your personal copy of the Membership Roster, we suggest you post a message on our message board or that you search to find e-mail addresses for Guthries worldwide at these locations on the Internet:

Four 11 People Search
Who Where People Search

Other Scottish-related Sites

Scot Mall - Game, product and other information.

Guthrie-Style Tours - Customized group tours to Scotland; also offer free advice and directions for independent driving around Scotland to Clan Guthrie members.

Best Scottish Tours - For the best personalized small group tour vacation in Scotland.

Scottish Heritage

Guthrie Family Crest - Some background on the Guthrie surname.

Heraldry Society of Scotland - The most comprehensive clan and Family names list with links to all sites worldwide within each clan.

Scottish Heritage USA recognizes and enhances the original bonds of ancestral and national character among the peoples of Scotland and North America. is where you can find ours and other Clan tartans.

National Library of Scotland - Historical Maps of Scotland.

Clan Duncan Society - Heritage and ancestral info about the Duncans.

On the Day - A fascinating documentary about The Spirit of Scotland, the world’s top solo players who come together for the first time to attempt the impossible: compete against legendary pipe bands from around the world.

From and About the Motherland

The Official Gateway to Scotland - History, culture, landscape, events, food, drink, people.

Scots Online is an ideal resource for information on Scots with online connections and everything Scottish.

Robert Burns - The Official Robbie Burns Site

Taste of Scotland is a fantastic guide to Eating and Staying in Scotland.

ScotWeb - Resources from the Heart of Scotland.

House of Scotland offers online shopping for Scottish products.

The Celtic Exchange - Craftspeople who specialize in pre-seventh century Celtic and Pictish designs on various mediums.