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Clan Guthrie hosted our 3rd Annual Clan Guthrie Christmas ZOOM meeting on Tuesday, November 28th, 2023. This was a party you did not want to miss! We wore our favorite Christmas and Guthrie gear, brought a glass of Cheer and partied with our Guthrie cousins.

We had a terrific presentation by The Guthrie Center as well as an amazing history lesson on Christmas in Scotland presented by Bryan Stewart. We also raffled off some Guthrie Center and Clan Guthrie swag to those in attendance.

If you missed this one, mark your calendars for the Tuesday after Thanksgiving 2024 for another installment of the annual Clan Guthrie Christmas Zoom! We hope to see you there!



Clan Guthrie Christmas ZOOM Gathering 2023
Clan Guthrie Christmas ZOOM Gathering 2022
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